[16-May-2017] “Gasparzinho” robot receives an honorable mention

The robot ‘Gasparzinho’ received in May 16th an honorable mention awarded by the Exame Informática magazine. This robot was developed in the EU FP7 MOnarCH project, coordinated by IST, targeting edutainment activities with children patients in the IPOL oncological hospital in Lisbon. The robot has also been used in other research projects, including the CMU-Portugal ERI INSIDE, on the use of autonomous robots in therapeutic sessions with ASD children, the FCT HARODE project, on human-aware service robot for domestic environments, and one of its siblings, developed by IDMind (a partner of the MOnarCH project), is a permanent resident at the Pavilion of Knowledge science museum, where it is welcoming visitors and interacting with them.